Terry Cormier(non-registered)
Big fan of Aisha's work. I find that there is a perceptiveness in her compositions that surprises and often questions. Her most recent work has the same inventive playfulness, but seems, at least to me, to have more content. I get the sense that she is telling us a little more about her worldview, as she builds up an impressive body of work. As I said, I am a big fan.
I came here after seeing your winning image on I-Shot-It. I am now such a fan of your work. Congratulations on this fine website.
Great things seem to happen in front of you camera.. thank you for sharing
So glad to learn about your first exhibition. Congratulations. How did it go?
Bon je découvre, mais c'est vraiment très beau et encore une fois tu es vraiment douée!!!
congratulations on the winning the competition! Not only are your photos wonderful but your website as well. slick and well put together, kudos!
Malaika H Kambon
I love your photography. Congratulations on winning the recent I SHOT IT contest.

My website is under construction.
Adeline Roux(non-registered)
Bravo! Tes photos sont tout simplement extraordinaires, continue ... et depense sans compter en appareils photos :-)
Jonathan Pesce(non-registered)
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